SportsEngine Registration: Kailua Mustangs Pop Warner Association

2018 Registration


Welcome to the 2018 Registration!

Aloha and thank you for your interest in the Kailua Mustangs Pop Warner Association. 
So many exciting things are happening this season including how we can streamline the process of registration to get you in and out without waiting in long lines.  This registration session will allow you to complete the basic information on all of our forms and submit payment.  Please keep in mind, although you are signing up electronically, you must bring your participant and the completed forms (we are able to print if requested) to one of our registration dates to be fitted for their equipment / uniform.   Please visit our website at for all of our available registration dates.  

Payments can be made through the secure site via Visa or MasterCard.  Please have it available for checkout.


Registration Instruction

Please read each form thoroughly and carefully.

  1. 1. Participant’s FULL Name, MUST be written EXACTLY as shown on their BIRTH CERTIFICATE *DO NOT USE NICKNAMES*
  2. 2. All forms MUST have the ENTIRE middle name written out. *MIDDLE INITIALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED  
  3. 3. Only Parents and Legal Guardians may register participants.
  4. 4. Medical physical forms must be completed on or after 01/01/2018. *Participants WILL NOT be allowed on the field if physical form has not been completed and cleared.*
  5. 5. All forms must have the SAME address, contact numbers, and email addresses.
  6. 6. All forms must have ORIGINAL signatures so please print your completed forms (or we can print if you do not have a printer, just let us know) and bring it to the registration.  No FAX or COPIES allowed.

Should you opt to not file electronically, all forms will be available on registration day or can be printed by visiting our website at  Please note that you must write in blue or black ink and there can be no scratch-offs or white-outs.  Rules above also apply.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Pop Warner Association Kailua Mustangs